The inception of Attractions (Pvt) Limited a joint partnership began in 2014, inspired with the growing developments for tourism in Sri Lanka two individuals Farees and Bernie, who give 'attention to detail' decided to make their mission in presenting a high level of hospitality and leisure time to all our visitors/guests, entailing a service of un-compromising value in Sri Lanka.

We define our market not limited to a region or any geographical placements, but to every country, culture, religion and nationality. Attractions (Pvt) Limited has no boundaries for our services provided, for every guest is special to us. A custom made itinerary will be ready for your requirements and leisure time.


Farees Peiriez

I am a Sri Lankan living in Australia who is passionate about tourism it was my dream to start this business for many years. Since I am an accountant in profession with 20+ years of commercial experience here in Australia and Sri Lanka, I could not focus in my dream. Now I feel is the time to pursue my dream armed with 20+ years of management experience I am very confident I can handle this operation. We are two individuals with the same dream and passion could serve our clients their dream holiday come true.

Our Mission -

is to provide you the best experience of this magnificent Island, irrespective of budget, we give 'attention to detail' with a difference that will make your holiday memorable.

Our Motto -

We give you the whole world on a single Island.

Our Vision -

providing quality driven service matched with the right price tag to all our guests. While having a network of clients in Sri Lanka, Australia and other parts of the world.

Bernadette Wickramasekara

Living in an Island like Sri Lanka one cannot escape the natural tendency of being hospitable. With these roots I grew to build a passion for the wondrous nature and beauty of Sri Lanka. During college education I discovered in me the passion for nature and a beautiful environment. With much pleasure in the year 2007 I got the opportunity to qualify as an environmentalist for the ISO 14001 program. My knowledge of hospitality and travel background goes back to the days with some of the best, such as Hilton Colombo and Radisson SAS in the UAE. Entailing this knowledge, I have gained the ability to offer my expertise and services to present this beautiful Island, Sri Lanka to whosoever wishes to visit it. Giving attention to detail and going that extra mile is my theory to being hospitable.

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